Airwick Nenuco Air Freshener Set

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Enjoy the classic scent of Nenuco at home with this Spanish air freshener.

This Airwick Nenuco Air Freshener set consists of a dispenser and a refill. Virtually invisible and with an adjustable intensity.


The dispenser is small and almost invisible thanks to the special design.


Works during a long time, depending on the intensity up to 80 days.


The energy consumption of this special dispenser is almost zero.

Important: It is advisable NOT to use the product permanently. Disconnect the device at night and do not use it for more than 15 consecutive hours. If the filling is empty, then changing is easy. Always remove the dispenser from the socket before removing and / or changing the filling. Always place upright and / or store to prevent leakage and place in a cool place. Never place on wooden, polished or varnished surfaces.

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